Opal  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Book Title:  Opal  

Author:  Jennifer L Armentrout 

Series:  Lux #3 

Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Young Adult,  Aliens 

Source:  Library Kindle Book 




Why I picked that quote:  I just love Daemon, especially his sense of humor.  I like my men conceited...what can I say




Overall Rating: 4.8/5 Stars. 


Breakdown of Rating✧ 


  • Plot: 5/5  Great storyline.  Less slow parts than books previous.
  • Characters: 5/5  Love them.  I am really intrigued by the addition of Luc, hope we see more of his story.
  • Theme: 4.5/5
  • Flow: 5/5
  • Originality: 5/5
  • Book Cover: 3/5 I don't like the woman on the cover, she looks way older than 18ish.
  • The Feels: 5/5  The feels are the off the charts with JLA
  • Sex Factor: whoa...yeah, they went there.
  • Ending: 4/5 You're killing me, Smalls...  Cliffhanger: ugh, that ending...fucked me up for sure. So, yeah there's a cliffhanger.


Will I Continue the Series:  Duh... of course.




After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different... And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Together we’re stronger... and they know it.



My Thoughts:


I loved it...and it was even better than the first two.  I love how JLA's writing is so real and cutting edge.  It's also freaking hilarious.  Katy is adorably funny.  I love how indecisive and fickle Katy is about Daemon, but I am glad they are finally admitting to themselves and each other how they feel, how they really feel.  Who knows what the future brings for them, though...